Measurements lab Report

The lab report to be submitted by the following meeting (i.e. the next lab or recitation, which ever comes first) consists of writing some well-formed responses to the following questions. There is no strict format for this, but treat each question as a point of departure for an intelligent discussion. You don't need to write a book for each one, but one line answers would be considered too brief.

Report Question: Circles

Discuss the limitations of these methods for calculating $\pi$. Which method was the best? The worst? Are there improvements to be made?

Report Question: Wood

Determine the uncertainty of your density measurement. This will involve some algebraic calculation. You can find some pointers here: Info about error analysis. Next, find an online database that you can use to lookup the density of various woods. Try to match your piece of wood with a known tree. Discuss whether you can be certain of your identification.

Report Question: Pendulum

Based only on your experimental data, can you say how the time for one swing relates to the length of the pendulum? Is there a clear functional dependence?

Report Question: Bio-metrology

Is there a correlation between the circumference of someone's head and the time between heartbeats? Would you expect there to be one?