About the labs


Lab sessions are designed to help you succeed in the course, help you develop the skills needed to become a successful scientist and engineer, and engage you actively during the time you are present. They are considered an integral part of introductory physics. They should also be fun!

While there will be no exams in the lab, your course instructor may or may not include material on the exams that is directly out of what you are working on in lab.

Note that satisfactory completion of your lab section is required to pass the accompanying course. No exceptions are made.


Attendance is required at all lab sessions. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, are out of the lab room more than briefly in the middle of class, are engaged with material other than the lab, or leave before checking out with the TA, you will be marked absent.

With permission from your TA, you are able to make up no more than 2 lab sessions in one of the following ways. You can attend a different lab section the week you miss or you can attend a designated makeup session the last week of class. Arrangements for makeups must be made the week of your absence and with communication with your TA.

Lab reports

Seven of the lab sessions require a lab report to be submitted. All seven lab reports are required. Lab reports are due at the beginning of the lab session following the week in which you did the lab. The format of the lab report is posted separately.

While you are expected to work together with your lab partners and use the same data, every person must submit a unique lab report. See:https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/about/integrity for the CCNY institutional policy for academic integrity.